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preussen automation develops and manufactures high-quality components and devices for professional use in the field of building automation, building control, smart home and IoT. The portfolio includes complex products for the KNX standard as well as easy to use SMART-BUS components for small and medium-sized projects based on RS485 bus technology. The preussen automation products allow a seamless integration of all kind of devices for an efficient automation of a building’s functions – whether the monitoring or control of lighting, heating, multimedia and security systems. By linking information, media and sensor technology, preussen automation is suited to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

preussen automation is a trade mark of 010 Digital GmbH which has its Headquarters in Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany. Given that 010 Digital has been member of the KNX Association since 2010 and is a KNX certified partner, preussen automation’s KNX products fulfil the highest European and international quality standards. The whole product portfolio can be purchased in the company-owned online store medientechnik24.

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Besides preussen automation, the three brands mavacon, Cocoso und CabLED also belong to 010 Digital GmbH.

Provider of smart monitoring solutions for electrical systems
✔ Data acquisition using sensors
✔ Data transfer to the cloud
✔ Data evaluation in real-time
✔ Data reports on end-user devices

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Developer and manufacturer of Smart Home Systems and Products
✔ Smart Sense App
✔ Smart Sense Detectors
✔ Smart Sense Gateway
✔ Smart Power Plug/Strip

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Developer and manufacturer of water-resistant & waterproof LED strips
✔ IP65/IP68-certified
✔ Plug & Play System
✔ High light output
✔ Long durability

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mavacon develops and distributes could-based solutions for data acquisition, analysis and evaluation that allow a more efficient management of complex electrical systems – whether in shops, office buildings or industrial facilities. This includes the development and production of high-precision measurement technology as well as the correct installation of the metering sensors and the company-owned software that monitors equipment performance in real-time.

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CabLED is a patented LED light strip for the direct and indirect illumination of indoor and outdoor objects. The light strip is available in an IP65-certified version (CabLED 2000) and an IP68-certified version (CabLED 5000). Therefore it is particularly suitable for applications in harsh weather conditions and wet environments as well as under water. Thanks to the unbreakable and flexible material, CabLED can be connected via an easy Plug & Play system – cut, clip, press and no soldering needed. In addition, CabLED has some more valuable features to offer: long durability, high light output and an innovative cooling solution.

CoCoSo develops and manufactures smart home systems for private users in order to control devices and monitor energy consumption. The CoCoSo Smart Sense Set includes the Smart Sense detectors – smoke detector, motion sensor, doorbell (Smart Button), door and window sensor (contact) – as well as the Smart Sense Gateway which serves as a control centre. After a few easy configurations you can also use the CoCoSo Smart Sense Set to monitor temperature, air humidity/pressure, light and noise with the help of the free CoCoSo Smart Sense App. In addition, the app allows you to control lights, TV and other devices after they have been connected via Wi-Fi to the Smart Sense Power Plug.

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preussen automation develops high-quality components and devices for professional use in the field of building automation, building control, Smart Home and IoT.

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