KNX Products preussen automation
We answer all your questions about preussen automation’s products: Software & Hardware, Production & Distribution as well as Environment & Quality.


Are the KNX products of preussen automation certificated?
Yes, preussen automation is certificated KNX member (no. 146) and german manufacturer of KNX products. KNX is approved as european standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) and as international standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3). This standard is based on experience of years with the previous standards EIB, EHS and BatiBus. KNX products by preussen automation are unlimited expandable and with every KNX / EIB components - also different manufacturer - compatible.

What kind of software is in the KNX products of preussen automation?
The driver for the physical layer is a development of “Tapko Technologies”, a company located in Regensburg, Germany. The application software is programmed, tested and certificated in Germany.

What communication chip is preussen automation using?
preussen automation is using the standard Siemens FZE1066. In some products are ARM-processor supported technologies different manufacturer like the software based Kaiphys gateway of Tapko Technologies, for example in the multifunctional relay Super I/O 12.

Where do preussen automation’s KNX products come from?
preussen automation maintains long term production and sales partnerships with two ISO-certified electronics manufacturers. They manufacture the products for preussen automation. At the same time, they sell the products independently from preussen automation - approved as they take responsibility for what they sell under their own label working with their own partners worldwide.

Who are the manufacturers?
The preussen automation products are manufactured within the EU by our Croation Partner „Apricum d.o.o.” and outside of the EU by the „Hedong Group” that also manufacturers, amongst others, for the Australian company „State Automation”.

What quality tests do the preussen automation products undergo during production?
Both the production in Europe and Asia are overseen and tested according to our German quality standards. In addition, an external and independent auditing institute (SGS) checks on several occasions throughout the year if the certification criteria are fulfilled. Last but not least, all KNX products by preussen automation are manufactured according to our own higher standards in terms of environmental protection and occupational safety.

How is the quality of the KNX products by preussen automation?
Preussen automation is only using high quality components of international manufacturers of semiconductors. The devices are selected carefully of our German engineering team. The electromechanical components have the standard of MTBF of more than 1.000.000 switch cycle. In addition, most contact points integrated by preussen automation actually have a higher maximum capacity that indicated on the device. The housing of the products are very robust because of nylon and fiber glass.

Why are preussen automation’s KNX products so cheap compared to other brands?
Preussen automation decided to go without a very expensive German sales force. The company delivers directly to the customers – not through long intermediate supply chains. We work with a long-term production planning based on built-to-order mechanisms, which is supported by the acquisition of building components through hedge funds. Furthermore, preussen automation does not print product catalogues but uses digital advertising media. The company maintains a transparent pricing policy and insists in passing on the cost advantage of the value-added chain to the customer.