USB interface between PC and KNX BUS

„The intelligent solution for optimal connections.“ The new KNX USB interface USB2KNX establishes a bidirectional data connection between PC and KNX BUS. The device enables addressing, setting parameters, visualization, protocolling and diagnosis of BUS devices.
The USB connector is galvanically isolated from the KNX BUS. With this KNX USB interface you have the possibility to address every BUS device in the BUS system. The communication between KNX USB interface and with the connected devices is handled via flexible common EMI protocol through USB2KNX. This protocol is designed for actual and future applications. The connection between KNX and PC running standard software like ETS3, EITT and other software is handled by the FALCON driver.
USB2KNX supports long messages (up to 228 byte length) and ensures easy handling in software under operating systems not supported by the FALCON driver (e.g.: Linux).
For specific diagnostic applications like EITT the USB2KNX is supporting a „raw frame“ operating mode.


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  •    Long messages up to 228 byte length
  •    Common EMI
  •    USB 2.0
  •    Raw frames
  •    Low current consumption
  •    Easy usage even without FALCON software

  • Technical data


    BUS side: 24 V DC max. current consumption from BUS 10 mA
    PC side: device is supplied from USB energy consumption from USB < 100 mW


    BUS connector: KNX Wago BUS connecting terminal (red / black) screw less
    USB connector: USB socket (type B), USB standard 2.0


    Working temperature: 0 °C ~ +45 °C
    Storage temperature: -20 °C ~ +60 °C


    Body material: plastic
    Dimensions: 90 x 36 x 71 mm (H x W x D)
    Mounting depth: 64.5 mm
    Width in modules: 2 units (72 mm)
    Weight: ca. 100 g
    Mounting: on 35 mm DIN rail mount / EN 60715 TH 35 - 75




    In accordance with EMC and low voltage guidelines


    Protection category: IP 20
    Protection class: class II


    The USB socket and bus connection is on the front side of the device together with two yellow LEDs. Each is an indicator for connection status and traffic concerning the PC and the bus. The USB2KNX needs no application program to be downloaded in general you need no specific device driver, since the USB HID class is used. For this device class, device driver already exist in all common operating systems.

    In case of using older versions of ETS or FALCON driver, it can be necessary to provide manufacturer specific device informations to FALCON. This can be done by importing a manufacturer specific data base entry. The delivery includes a Wago BUS connecting terminal.


    BUS status LED yellow
    USB status LED yellow

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    If you save productdatastore files (.vd4 files) these sometimes get saved as .zip files. This will damage the file. Please follow the instructions to save corretly:

    1. Right mouseclick to the needed downloadlink.
    2. Choose "save target as" from the contextmenue.
    3. At dropdown "filetyp" choose "all files (*.*)" and save to the folder you want.

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