Switch2 DALI 4

The Switch2 DALI 4 is a fully DALI compatible interface, designed to allow customer specified switches, sensors, time clocks or other on / off control devices to be incorporated into a standard DALI installation.

The DALI Input unit is a small, pre-wired, encapsulated PCB-module and it is suitable for inclusion into all standard size back boxes together with a suitable mains rated switch.

Switch2 DALI 4


Switch2 DALI 4 detects short-circuit connection between wires input 1 - 4 and COM. Module is designed to be used with standard push buttons - short-circuit connection is the active state. The logic of the module differentiates between short and long press of the push buttons. Short press is detected when the short-circuit detection lasts shorter than one second. If the short-circuit connection lasts longer it is detected as long press. User can configure different reaction to short and long press.

Each input of Switch2 DALI 4 can be configured with different DALI address (device support broadcast, group addresses and short addresses). Three types of reactions can be configured for each input: Static-Commands, Direct-Level or Toggle.

In Static commands mode device transmit defined command each time a press is detected. The most useful commands are: MIN_LEVEL, MAX_LEVEL, UP or DOWN. If desirable user can set up any command listed in DALI standard (IEC 62386-102).

In Direct level mode device transmit defined brightness level each time a press is detected (for example 50 %). In Toggle mode device toggles between two commands each time a press is detected. The user can choose from three toggle functions: MIN / MAX, ON / OFF and Scene X / Scene Y. Scene X and Scene Y are settable number of DALI scenes which are toggled. The configuration can be changed using special programmer (on demand).

For the reaction on long press it is possible to set whether the command should be sent only once or it should be repeated (for example UP / DOWN commands). The period of repetition is also settable (one second period). Switch2 DALI 4 is delivered with default configuration.

It is a DALI powered device therefore external DALI power supply has to be connected on the DALI line.

Technical data


Powered from DALI BUS, compatible with standard DALI rating
Up to four user inputs
Default functions - ready to use out-of-box
Small dimensions (L x W x H): 27 x 20 x 4 mm
DALI consumption < 9 mA


Voltage range open:
5 VDC / closed: max. 0.3 VDC
Current range: max. 1 mA


Mains cable wires: AWG 24 (0.5 mm²)
DALI cable wires: AWG 24 (0.5 mm²)


EN 55015 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
EN 61547 Equipment for general lighting purposes EMC immunity requirements
EN 62386-102 Digital addressable lighting interface, general requirements for control gears


Operating temperature range from 0 ºC up to 40 ºC
Relative humidity 85 % max., non-condensing
Storage temperature range from -40 °C up to 70 °C


Housing encapsulated PCB
Weight: 10 g

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