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KNX, SMART-BUS, DALI, Mavacon, DMX and many others!

The portfolio includes complex products for the KNX standard, as well as easy to use SMART-BUS components for small and medium enterprises (projects, ventures) based on RS485 bus technology.

On this page you find information about KNX and DALI products. We are now offering an innovative energy analysis solution under the brand name Mavacon. Mavacon is a new power metering system, which combines a analysis software and comprehensive sensor hardware with an unequalled simplicity.

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preussen automation is a certified KNX member - This means, our company offers high qualitiy products for your KNX installation.

  •    Previously EIB
  •    Certified KNX member
  •    Continual new KNX product developments
  •    Gateways to connect KNX with other BUS systems
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    We expanded our product portfolio to meet the demands and compatibility in lighting automation and lighting control.

  •    Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
  •    Protocol to control lighting divices
  •    A lighting device can be controlled by the BUS2 DALI gateway of preussen automation
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    The Mavacon Power Metering System consists of a visualization software and measuring sensors for energy and environmental data.

  •    Reduces energy consumption and increases savings
  •    Visualizes efficiency and performance of the consumed energy
  •    Discovers vulnerabilities and maintenance

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