Motion 360 KNX

The multi functional sensor Motion 360 KNX is suitable for ceiling mount. It monitors movement, brightness and temperature with a detection angle of 360°.

The Motion 360 KNX comes with two dry contacts and several logic functions.

Motion 360 KNX

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  •    Additional dry contacts
    Include other life-saving or security dedicated sensors to your KNX / EIB BUS system and save cable while increasing the ability and overall function. Glassbroke sensors, fire detectors, smoke detectors, door and window contacts and many more.

  •    Integrated logic functions
    Measure results can be smartly combinated. Complex scenarios can be programmed with simple „if / then“ commands.

  •    Luxmeter
    Measures the brightness of the room to control the lighting and dimming system.
  •    Motion detection
    The sensor reacts to movements in the room and switches various functions.
  •    Temperature sensor

  • Technical data


    Input: DC 24 V
    KNX connection: KNX BUS clamp (red / grey) 0.8 mm²
    Supply line: for cables up to 2.5 mm²
    Inputs: two dry contacts


    BUS operating voltage : DC 21 - 30 V
    Consumption of electricity : 15 mA / DC 24 V


    KNX / EIB


    Body material: plastic white
    Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 30 mm
    Weight: 60 g
    Mounting: ceiling mount


    Working temperature: -5 °C ~ +45 °C
    Storage temperature: -25 °C ~ +55 °C
    Transportation temperature: -25 °C ~ + 70 °C
    Relative humidity: max. 95 %


    SMART-BUS devices for example the the logic module Interlog Plus or the SwitchME relay

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