Professional lighting controls & building automation

preussen automation GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes media systems, lighting and building automation products for professional and private users. The portfolio includes complex products for the KNX standard, as well as easy to use SMART-BUS components for small and medium enterprises (projects, ventures) based on RS485 bus technology.
preussen automation is a wholly owned subsidiary of eventa group. The roots of the eventa group and its affiliates are established in lighting control, particularly in event and architectural lighting. The eventa AG was founded in 2001 by merging with the former Westlite GmbH.

The company's focus was on large scale lighting and controlling projects. The focus changed from the dynamic lighting over lighting control to nowadays building automation.
Since 2008 preussen automation is a brand of its own, located in Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany. In the beginning preussen automation engineered the bus system "SMART-BUS" in RS485 standard. In the beginning of 2010 preussen automation decided to develop and manufacture the KNX standards to expand its market.

Reliable & Innovative

Customers of preussen automation appreciate trusted product reliability and experience the same high quality they are used to from the eventa group.
From the technology to the design, from the planning to the realisation.

Important reference projects are the dynamic lighting control of the "BMW Welt (World)" in Munich, Germany, the "Telekom Bridge" in Bonn, Germany and the "Highlight Towers" in Munich, Germany, as well as several lighting and lighting control projects all across Europe.

KNX member

preussen automation has been a member of the KNX association since 2010 and conforms with the European and International KNX standard.

Our vision is to offer high quality building automation at a fair price to all our customers.

preussen automation GmbH

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82402 Seeshaupt

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